Core Values - 宗旨
1. Church Planting
  We value the church as God’s primary way of working in the world.
2. Strategic Partnerships
  We are a member of the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada (AGC) and ascribe to their statement of faith, purpose, vision and values. A statement can later be put here on our other partnerships, like ACGC, etc.
3. Autonomy of Congregations
  We believe that in our multi-lingual setting, each congregation must have its own identity and relative autonomy while being accountable to a central body, the Council, representing the membership.
4. Evangelism
  We are a missions-minded church believing in the Great Commission. Our mission field starts in Toronto, our Jerusalem, and extends to the uttermost parts of the world.
5. Pioneering Spirit
  We are open to what the Spirit of God leads us to accomplish because there will be diverse needs and opportunities at different times.
6. Spiritual Formation
  We are committed to the spiritual formation of each believer as evidenced by the fruit of the spirit.
7. Training
  We are committed to the training of all those whom God has given us so that they may be mature as Christian workers and leaders, as evidenced by the effective use of their spiritual gifts.
8. Community
  We believe that we are part of a community and must show the love of Christ in practical ways to one another and to our neighbours.
9. Cheerful Giving
  We recognize the need for funds and other resources to accomplish our share of God’s work. His riches bless us and we want to bless others through our generous giving.
10. Chinese Heritage
  We affirm our roots as a church targeting those of Chinese descent. We endeavour to continue this Chinese ministry while also extending our reach to those of any ethnic background that the Lord opens to us.


1. 教会植堂
2. 同工夥伴
3. 各堂会的独立性
4. 传扬福音
5. 圣灵前导
6. 灵命成长
7. 培训
8. 社区
9. 乐善好施
  我们深知完成神的工, 需要有财政及其他资源。因著神丰丰富富的祝福, 我们也希望通过我们的乐捐帮助别人。
10. 华人传统
  我们以华人后代作为教会主要的服侍对象。 虽然也尽力服侍其他神为我们预备的族裔,我们还会继续努力这华人事工。



1. 教會植堂
2. 同工夥伴
3. 各堂會的獨立性
4. 傳揚福音
5. 聖靈前導
6. 靈命成長
7. 培訓
8. 社區
9. 樂善好施
  我們深知完成神的工, 需要有財政及其他資源。因著神豐豐富富的祝福, 我們也希望通過我們的樂捐幫助別人。
10. 華人傳統
  我們以華人後代作爲教會主要的服侍對象。 雖然也盡力服侍其他神爲我們預備的族裔,我們還會繼續努力這華人事工。


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